Road & Track Series – Features

Designed specifically for the Auto Racing Industry, the RT series’ 30 amp output rating assures fast recharge times! Switch from 12 volt to 16 volt operation to recharge special 16 volt racing batteries.

  • 12 & 16 volt battery modes
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • 30 amp output


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12 and 16 Volt Switch

The RT Series can switch from 12 volt to 16 volt operation, perfect for recharging racing batteries!

Microprocessor Controlled Technology

Utilizes EPROM technology and a patented design microprocessor controlled circuitry. In short, it provides you a fully automatic, hands-off battery charger.

High Performance Output

30 amp output ensures that your high performance battery is getting the proper charge in the shortest amount of time.

  • Temperature Compensation
  • Electronic Current Limit Protection
  • Unique De-Sulfation Circuit
  • Short Circuit Shutdown
  • Voltage Limited
  • Digital Microprocessor Control
  • “Three Stage Plus” Technology
  • Safety Override Timer
  • Low Voltage Start
  • Proportional Timing
  • Phase Angle Control
  • Timed C.V. Stage