Professional Series – Features

With our patented “3 Stage Plus” technology, our PS charger provides batteries with exactly the amount of charge they need. Whether its a liquid electrolyte, absorbed electrolyte, deep cycle, or gelled type battery, you’ll never need to fear overcharging or undercharging again!

  • Proportional Timing
  • Temperature Control
  • Constant Current Bulk Charge


Proportional Timing to Prevent Overcharging

Our Proportional Timing technology ensures that your battery is receiving the proper amount of charge and will never be at risk for Undercharging or Overcharging.

Temperature Compensation

Our externally mounted Temperature Compensator will dynamically adjust output voltage based on ambient temperature

“Three Stage Plus” Control

Interacter “3 Stage Plus” charging technology eliminates undercharging, overcharging, or damage to the battery, and is completely safe.

  • Temperature Compensation
  • Electronic Current Limit Protection
  • Unique De-Sulfation Circuit
  • Short Circuit Shutdown
  • Voltage Limited
  • Digital Microprocessor Control
  • “Three Stage Plus” Technology
  • Safety Override Timer
  • Low Voltage Start
  • Proportional Timing
  • Phase Angle Control
  • Timed C.V. Stage