With our patented “3 Stage Plus” technology, our PS charger provides batteries with exactly the amount of charge they need. Whether its a liquid electrolyte, absorbed electrolyte, deep cycle, or gelled type battery, you’ll never need to fear overcharging or undercharging again!

  • Proportional timing
  • Temperature control
  • Constant current bulk charge

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The competitively priced Interacter “LS” features a microprocessor controlled system that outperforms industry standard chargers. With its proportional timing mechanism, it automatically adjusts the recharge time for optimal performance, even with old, partially, or deeply discharged batteries!

  • Safety/Fault automatic override timer
  • 3 stage format for fast, controlled recharge
  • Low voltage start

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Commercial Series

Built for demanding applications where optimal performance is critical. Ideal for golf carts, personal carriers, and floor sweepers!

  • Automatic Reset
  • Proportional Timing
  • Bench Mounting

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Road & Track

Designed specifically for the Auto Racing Industry, the RT series’ 30 amp output rating assures fast recharge times! Switch from 12 volt to 16 volt operation to recharge special 16 volt racing batteries.

  • Switch between 12 and 16 volt batteries
  • Microprocessor controlled technology
  • 30 amp output

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Our EX Series charges are available in wall/bulkhead and table top mounting. Take them with you in your car storage, marine storage, RV, wheelchair, scooter, or emergency generators!

  • Unique Hibernator feature cycles battery every 30 days
  • Constant current bulk charge
  • Proportional timing

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Microprocessor Controlled

Interacter Battery Chargers utilize EPROM technology and a patented design microprocessor controlled circuitry. In short, it provides you a fully automatic, hands-off battery charger.

Proportional Timing

Through extensive testing on different types and sizes of batteries, we developed a technique that both preserves battery life and saves energy. Proportional Timing optimally switches to “Float Mode” when any battery has finished the bulk of it’s charging.

Temperature Control

Our side-mounted thermistor provides the ability to dynamically scale back amperage to prevent overcharging. This functions by measuring the ambient temperature of the surrounding air.

Fault Finding Tips

Online and downloadable tools to assist in troubleshooting with chargers.

Energy Star

Save electricity and fight climate change with our ENERGY STAR qualified charger.

Field Tech Support

Our Mobile Tech Vehicle can come to you for information and on-site training.