About Us

Interacter Inc. based in Meriden, Connecticut, has provided high performance battery chargers for over 30 years. Almost 3 decades ago, demand for a better charging system arose when the Sealed, AGM and maintenance-free battery were introduced. With this important breakthrough in sealed batteries, the equipment to optimally recharge them was just non-existent. A unique opportunity then presented itself and with our engineers having years of association with some of the world’s premier battery manufacturers, only Interacter was qualified to design one of the first Micro-Processor controlled chargers. Interacter products have always been manufactured in the USA and built to last. Worldwide, there is still no better made or higher quality battery charger than an iconic Interacter Battery Charger.


Interacter’s patented fully automatic battery chargers work with any Lead-Acid battery technology such as AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), Flooded (wet) Gel or Spiral wound batteries. With our timeless engineering, all Interacter Battery Chargers are designed to significantly extend battery life and maximize charging efficiency. ┬áIn addition, we have inherent safety features to eliminate the risk of undercharging or overcharging your batteries.


Interacter Battery Chargers