Charger Options

Optional Features & OEM

Medical and Special Plugs

All Interacter chargers are available with optional plugs:

MED 2O - Two Pin OrthoMED 3A - Three Pin AlphaMED 4E - Four Pin E & JMED CLIP - Medical ClipsMED SB50 - SB50 ConnectorMED XLR - XLR Connectorbare-wire-cables

International AC Voltages Special DC Voltages
220 volt 50 Hz (Euro)   (CE approved) 16 volt
100 volt 50Hz (Japan) 28 volt
115 volt 60Hz (US) 14 volt


OEM Components – The Interacter patented charge control software and hardware is available to OEM’s for inclusion in a variety of applications.We also offer custom adaptation for your particular application.

Certain volume and other conditions apply.


Private Label – Our chargers are available for private label manufacture. Certain volume and other conditions apply.