Express Series – Features

EX Series chargers are designed specifically for wall/bulkhead mounting and provide maximum battery performance with a small footprint.
Recommended applications:

Classic Car Storage, Marine Storage, RV, Wheel Chair/Scooter, Portable Equipment, Emergency Generators, Vehicle Mounted Equipment, and OEM Applications

  • Unique Hibernator feature
  • Constant current bulk charge
  • Proportional timing


We suit your needs.

Proportional Timing to Prevent Overcharging

Our patented Proportional Timing technology assures a full charge regardless of depth of discharge and age of the battery.

Optional Temperature Compensation

Our externally mounted Temperature Compensator will dynamically adjust output voltage based on ambient temperature

“Three Stage Plus” Control

Interacter “3 Stage Plus” charging technology eliminates undercharging, overcharging, or damage to the battery, and is completely safe.

  • Hibernator Feature
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Proportional Timing
  • Electronic Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Constant Current Bulk Charge
  • Constant Voltage Float
  • Independent Overrun Timer
  • Safety Override Timer
  • Electronic Short Circuit Shutdown
  • Optional Temperature Compensation
  • Optional Remote LED Battery Status Indication